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What are cut and bent rebars?

Cut & Bent Rebar ranges in shape from simple structures to complex helixes, depending on your requirements. Our bar bending shape code index will help you determine the correct steel required for your build.

Modern building techniques demand the use of steel reinforcement, especially when considering concrete and masonry building structures.

Because concrete has a low tensile strength, rebar – also known as steel reinforcing bar or steel reinforcing rods – will increase both the tensile strength of concrete and the load-bearing capability of foundations and building works.

Cut & Bent Rebar

What are the advantages of purchasing cut and bent rebars?

At Cannon Steels we cut and bend all of our steel rebar on-site to your exact specifications and in accordance with CARES approved British Standards BS 8666 and BS4466.

We stock rebar ranging from 6mm to 40mm and up to 12m length on-site at our stockyard in Enfield, North London, allowing us to offer next day delivery on many products. We also deliver throughout the UK.

At Cannon Steels we fabricate steel rebars designed to match your exact specifications, saving time, manual labor and waste products on-site while minimising the chance of structural inaccuracies and maximizing your budget.

We can provide the rebars and accessories you need at competitive prices without the risk of compromising the quality of your build.

The quality of our cut and bent rebars

All our reinforcing steel bars are CARES approved, complying in full with BS EN ISO 9002 and manufactured to British Standards BS 8666 and BS 4466 in order to ensure the highest possible standards of material and production quality.

All our welding, drilling and steelwork fabrication is compliant with CE Marking standards and we stock over 1,000t of steel at our stockyard and fabrication works in Enfield, North London.

How much does a cut and bent rebar cost?

The price of rebar is based upon:

  • The weight, which is derived from the dimensions of the bar
  • The type of rebar you require for your build
  • The length of rebar you require for your build

These factors will be determined by the type of project you are undertaking.

At Cannon Steels we offer pricing based on your exact build requirements for our cut and bent rebar service. Contact our expert team for a bespoke estimate  for your build or email your bar bending schedule to us today.

Reinforcement bar weights & dimensions

We offer the following cut and bent rebar dimensions and weights:

Bar Dimensions / Weights

Bar Dimensions/Weights mm nominal size

Cross Sectional mm
Mass per Metre Run MM
Metre per Tonne (Kg)
28.3 0.222 4504
50.3 0.395 2531
78.5 0.616 1623
113.1 0.888 1126
201.1 1.579 633
314.2 2.466 405
490.9 3.854 259
804.2 6.313 158
1256.6 9.864 101

Why choose Cannon Steels?

Cannon Steels have been established for 50 years and offer a complete steel service to meet the requirements of your build.

We are ideally situated to supply premium quality reinforcement bars in North London and the surrounding areas including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent and Essex.

Our investment in the latest cut and bent technology means that we now offer express delivery for all cut and bent rebars and over 90% of all our deliveries are made within 48 hours of the order being placed.

Our fleet of HIAB equipped delivery lorries to feature a craning capacity of up to 15m, ensuring your steel is offloaded on site quickly and safely.

At Cannon Steels we provide high-quality steel exactly when you need it. Contact our skilled team for a quote.

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