CARES Product Certification was developed to meet the needs of users of steel products for the reinforcement of concrete. CARES has acquired extensive experience in designing and operating certification schemes to meet the needs of the reinforced concrete industry.

CARES’ certification covers all stages in the supply chain from the processing of raw materials, the manufacture of steel and construction products through to the product installation or delivery to the customer.

CARES Product Certification is based on the application of three essential elements:

  • The manufacturers’ management system as defined by BS EN   ISO 9001: 2000
  • The full requirements of the relevant product standards
  • The control of the manufacturer’s process in order that product of a consistent level of compliance will result

The control of these elements is incorporated into the requirements of the CARES Quality and Operations Assessment Schedules. These schedules are centered around the essential elements of the quality management system combined with additional requirements on process control and product testing as agreed by all relevant sectors of industry. CARES product certification ensures product conformity and consistent product quality.

CARES product certification is therefore comprehensive in its requirements, providing for:

  • good management control
  • consistent product and technical conformity
  • industry developed disciplines and rules
  • industry developed standards
  • management and auditing by industry professionals

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