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Structural Steel

To compliment your steelwork,we hold a small range of accessories to complete
your fixing project. Apart from general connecting bolts and fittings included
within the steelwork package, you may require a selection of:-

  • Anchor Thru bolts
  • Resin anchor/wall fixing bolt kit c/w resin studds/pump/nozzles/applicator guns
  • Mild/High Tensile holding down bolt sets c/w cones and plate washers
  • SDS/HSS drill bits and magnetic drill cutters
  • Steel fixers podger spanners
  • Timber bolts c/w plate and tooth plate washers
  • Specialised bolts: HSFG/Galvanised/high tensile/countersunk/stainless steel
  • Studding: zinc plated/high tensile/stainless steel
  • Touch up paints: silver zinc/galvafroyd/red primer/black bitumen
  • Fire intumescent paint in 5 ltr tins

If there is an item you require that is not listed, please contact us and we will endeavour to locate it for you.

structural steel

cut and bent bars